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Welcome to the cash flow case studies section of our website.

Here you can read the very latest success stories, highlighting ways in which businesses are transforming their cash flows and driving growth through factoring, invoice discounting and asset based lending.

The case studies demonstrate how invoice finance and asset based lending can be a flexible and innovative form of business finance and a powerful alternative to traditional banking facilities. 

Providing your business with a solid cash flow platform with which to finance your future business plans.

Factoring cash flow case study

Factoring supporting success after pressing times

Asset based lending cash flow case study

Asset based lending releases cash for MBO to take off

Invoice discounting cash flow case study

Invoice discounting stacks up for pallet manufacturer

Recruitment cash flow case study

Clients upgrade to recruitment finance to improve cash flow

We can help your business release cash tied up in invoices, property, plant, machinery, stock and a range of other business assets.

Proven cash flow finance solutions such as invoice discounting, factoring, asset based lending, recruitment finance and construction finance release substantial funds immediately. Let us compare the market to find you the best business finance deals.

Cash flow is a critical resource - the fuel for your business. Without it, your business plans grind quickly to a halt.

With a strong cash flow, your business has momentum and can sustain rapid growth.

You can see the market opportunities and you know you have the skills to take advantage of them. If only cash flow wasn’t holding you back.

Find out more about cash flow finance solutions and our outsourcing service which provides payroll and bookkeeping services for your business.

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